fuel your runs with good food
When you're training and planning on running for long distances it is important to give your body the correct nutrition
Own the right equipment
Long distance running equipment is the key to high performance and less injury
How does running affect you?
Long distance running has a lot of benefits to your health but only when you run right
Train and recover effectively
You need to learn how to train and recover from long distance running if you want to reduce injury and elevate performance
Get into the right mindset
Long distance running takes a lot of motivation if you are aiming for those big miles

Long Distance Running Nutrition

Take a look at the huge collection of content we have about running and nutrition. You'll find useful tips and recipes that will supercharge your long distance performance
running hydration

Running Hydration: Why it’s a Top Priority for Long Runs

Staying hydrated throughout your daily functionalities is one of the most important elements a person can practice.  Many people overlook […]

best foods for running

Great Foods to Eat for Long Distance Running

Eating healthy throughout your life can a lot of the times, be quite the challenge and that’s no fabrication.  Most […]

Supplements for running

The Best Supplements for Long Distance Running

Supplements in general can work for many efficient factors for a lot of different people.  There are supplements for strength […]

Long Distance Running Tips

You will need to train efficiently depending on the length you plan on running. Here, you will find tons of articles about how to prepare and recover from long distance runs of 5 km and above
The best running technique

The Best Running Technique: Improve Your Technique for Maximum Performance

If you’re into any type of exercise, whether it be running, specific types of cardio or even love taking Zumba […]

how many times a week should I run

How Many Times a Week Should I Run? – The Complete Guide

Running for a lot of people can be a way to relieve stress, get stronger physically and mentally; the list […]

Running first thing in the morning

Running First Thing in the Morning: Method, Motivation, and Benefits

Obtaining an amazing breakfast in the mornings isn’t the only component a person can do to get the day started […]

Long Distance Running Health

People run for various reasons. Find out how long distance running can effect you and your body with the various articles below
Top stretches for runners

Top Stretches for Runners: The 5 Ultimate Stretches

Stretching before any type of exercise has quite the amazing benefits for your body as you endure throughout your exercise.  […]

weight loss with running

Why Long Distance Running is the Best Way to Lose Weight

Losing weight within today’s society is one of the top leading priorities in which both male and female desire to […]

Common running injuries

4 Common Long Distance Running Injuries

Injuries from running can cause a lot of harm to your body and not only that, but your physical state […]

Long Distance Running Motivation

When you first start out you are going to be in pain and will want to throw in the towel. Long distance running requires discipline and mindset. Use the articles below to help dig deeper and run the distance
Running first thing in the morning

Running First Thing in the Morning: Method, Motivation, and Benefits

Obtaining an amazing breakfast in the mornings isn’t the only component a person can do to get the day started […]

top tips to stay motivated when running

3 Top Tips to Stay Motivated During Long Distance Running

Motivation in general is an amazing behavioral pattern to implement inside many levels of your life; absolutely!  Many people when […]

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Long Distance Running equipment

Equipment is more important than you think. Having the right shoes and clothes can drastically boost performance, preventing injury also. Take a look at our large guides and individuals product reviews to find the best equipment for you

Best shoes for long distance running

The Best Long Distance Running Shoes for Spring 2017

Running shoes have definitely evolved throughout the past thirty years and tend to be advancing more every year.  In order […]

Best headphones for running

The Absolute Best Long Distance Running Headphones

Headphones can absolutely bring a sense of life to a person throughout the private selection of music, comfort levels and […]

The best running equipment of 2017

We have hand-picked the best long distance running equipment of 2017 based on our in-depth reviews and product analysis. They are designed to elevate performance and assist you during your run

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