top tips to stay motivated when running

Motivation in general is an amazing behavioral pattern to implement inside many levels of your life; absolutely!  Many people when they first begin to workout, feel quite motivated at first which is astonishing and it should be this way, but it seems as though when time travels on, the motivation tends to taper off.  What should I do if this happens to me?  I mean, I want to feel and look good, but obtaining the proper motivation throughout routine exercising is quite the challenge!  Today, we are going to be discussing some key components when it comes to the motivation to run!

Train Your Mind

What I mean by training your mind is you must not think about long distance running; such as it being long and feeling as though you are running to the true ends of the Earth because you’re not; really are not!  You will need to train your mind not to ponder upon the long run itself because before you know it, you will not even be running at all!  If you know that you have a fifteen-mile run ahead of you, try not to think that it’s fifteen miles because you will wind up dreading the moment when you have to put your sneakers and running clothes on.

You will need to have your mind focused on how beautiful of a day it is outside, how amazing your legs and overall core body will feel after the initial run and so on.  I understand that it’s quite difficult trying to train your mind to think and practice within those positive formats, but it is conceivable.  Here are a few elements in which you can practice when training the mind to look upon the positive.

  • Using Only Positive Words When Speaking About Long-Distance Running.
  • Use Words Which Will Evoke Strength and Success.
  • Have Untold Faith That You Will Succeed Each Time You Take Your Long-Distance Run.
  • Meditate Before and After Each Long-Distance Run.

Learning How to Properly Engage

It’s quite important to broaden your horizons when it comes to taking a long-distance run.  Why would this be vital toward my exercise routine?  Well, most people like to be around others which hold and practice the same interest, as well activities.  When we have a small circle of friends or even just one great friend to either talk or take the long-distance run with us, that will definitely help to train our minds to become a lot more motivated.  It’s a known key fact that when someone that is involved with any type of activity, whether it be long-distance running or not, has a much better potential of sticking with their program because of the additional support.  Where could I go in order to meet other long-distance runners?  That is an amazing question and what I would personally recommend is going online to search.  Locating a support group, specific genera of friend and so on is exceptionally easy in today’s modern world.  It’s literally just a click away.  If you have an active account on Facebook, I would recommend you typing in the search bar, long-distance runners and that will populate all the people, groups, and pages inside of your specific area in which are related and involved with when it comes to long-distance running!

You can join all the public groups, make a post as to what you’re searching for and you will more than likely receive some responses based upon your search criteria!  A lot of times, word of mouth, family and friends help with being social inside the behavioral patterns of long-distance running.  If you are married or have a serious partner, a lot of the times, they will be quite open to experiencing the long-distance running routine with you.  It’s all about attitude.  When your close friends and family can witness how happy and healthy your life is evolving into, they will more than likely want to get on board with what you’re engaging in!  Unbelievably, but a positive attitude can a lot of the times, bring forth a great circle of amazing and supportive friends.  Remember, what you reflect out is a reflection of who you are and what you will essentially receive back.  It’s all a circle and your circle of amazing supporters begins with you!

Getting Half Way There

This is a very important step to take into consideration because let’s say you have planned out to run a twenty-mile run, which is amazing.  Keep in mind that you can absolutely achieve the half-way mark and still be successful with your long-distance run for that day.  Once again, it’s so imperative to not push yourself too hard, even if you have completed a twenty-mile run numerous times.  Life happens to us all and from day to day, we absolutely cannot determine what will happen to make our bodies and minds weaker.  Yes, it’s wonderful to implement quite the positive attitude, but let’s say you have a death in the family, which will most definitely cause an emotional upset; that’s expected.  Obtaining a positive attitude throughout meditation and optimistic mindsets can only go so far, believe me, it really can.

If you are experiencing an emotional upset, even if you do happen to feel as though you are handling it quite well, your body needs time to climb back up again.  If you push your body to run what you were familiar with during an emotional upset, your body will definitely tire out a lot quicker.  Yes, you may feel as though you can handle it, but your physical body cannot.  With emotional upsets, there absolutely comes a specific cycle and even if you meditate and always think within the positive format, your body still cannot grasp onto the old norm and will need to function a little slower than on average for a while.  You must treat your body within the cycle of normality and understand that your body is always changing, just like life changes around you.  It’s not healthy to remain exercising the same when emotional turmoil has occurred.  Obtaining to make it half way there inside your long-distance run will help to preserve the mind, body and spirit while you cope and heal if that may be your personal situation.

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