Long distance running is more than a hobby or sport for some people. For some people, long distance running is life. With so many benefits it is clear why running is a lot of people’s way to exercise, kill time and escape from everyday life. For the most dedicated of you, you’re going to want to boost your performance and be the best runner you can be and that can be achieved through Sprint On. This website is for the runners who want to get those extra miles. We don’t care about quick sprints, we care about running the miles and finding that inner spirit to keep on going. On this site, you will find a lot of information about long distance running, including tips, nutritional advice, health benefits and even product reviews and recommendations. We are passionate about long distance running and believe our readers are too. Have a read through the various categories – you may learn something new.

Running Tips

If you are looking to improve your running and get a PB, you will want to know the best tips and tricks. We have a lot of content and articles to help both the beginners and the experts run faster and longer. We have articles that will help you run 5 km, 10 km, half marathons and even marathons. All of our information and knowledge is found through experience and in-depth research. We find the best tips to improve performance from a wide range of qualified sources. Have a read and up your game today!

Nutritional Advice

When it comes to long distance running you not only need to know how to run, you also need to learn to eat. Your body is a machine and that machine needs to correct fuel to keep on moving. You would never put diesel in a petrol car so why do the same with your body. If you want to run the distance then you need to eat a lot of the right food. Things like nutrients, vitamins and protein are all essential if you want to run at peak performance. Have look through some of our advice and recipes and supercharge your diet.

Health Effects

People tend to run for different reasons. Some people run to lose weight, whereas, other will run to train for competitions and races. Whatever be the reason you run, it can be helpful to know how running long distances affects you and your body. Long distance running is something you need to master if you want to prevent injury and maximise performance. We have a lot of information and facts about the health effects running has on the body. Have a read and get educated.

Product Reviews

It is not just about how hard you train and how well you eat because without the right equipment you may fall flat on your face. Long distance running equipment is needed and can help you get PBs and prevent injury. A good pair of running shoes can be the difference between success and failure and the same goes for your socks and clothes. Here at Sprint On, we have a whole range of product reviews and expert guides to make sure you’re up to date with the latest gear.

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