how many times a week should I run

Running for a lot of people can be a way to relieve stress, get stronger physically and mentally; the list could go on and on as to why people run.  It doesn’t matter if a person is first starting out a running routine or they have been at it for years on end, a person will still ask the same question: “how many times a week should I run?”.  It’s quite important to know which levels your mind and body are at in order to match a successful running routine for your life.  Let’s admit it, when it comes to a beginner runner, most of the time, these types of people will be so amped and full of energy that they will absolutely want to run as much as they can, more than likely every day!  Today, we are going to be going over some basic guidelines when it comes to knowing how many times a week you should run!

Generally, How Many Times a Week Should I Run?


As there isn’t a true and solid answer to that because every person’s situation, personal life, as well health situations are quite different.  However, there are some basic guidelines in which every person can learn to follow.  So, how many times a week should I run?  Out of a seven-day week, it’s key to only run for three days out of each week because if you tend to go over that limit and you’re just a basic runner, you could absolutely do some harm to your joints and muscles.  Now, it’s quite different as to how many times a week a marathon runner should run, but we will get into that shortly.  Now, just for a basic runner, or even a beginner runner, you should only stick to running three times a week and keep in mind that it’s very important to not overdo your exercise routine during those three days, okay?  Were you aware that a lot of runners have the mindset that they more a person runs each week, the better off and stronger they will become?

You must remember that a lot of the times, more isn’t always better, especially if your body and mind isn’t familiar with exercise, stamina, and strong routine!  Yes, the more you push yourself with running and other forms of vigorous exercise, your physical core will become stronger, but that will also come with a percentage of harm to your joints and muscles, too.  It’s better to start out and run three days out of a seven-day week.  Well, how long should I run during those three days?  That’s a great question and what I would personally recommend you do is to run only thirty minutes each day.  If you cannot make it the whole thirty minutes, that’s absolutely fine!  What I would do is to break that up and run for the first fifteen minutes, take a small break, do some stretching, drink some water and so on.  For the remaining half of the last fifteen minutes, I would then finish the run with as much stamina as I could.

How Many Times a Week Should a Marathon Competitor Run? 


Keep in mind that only the most rigorous runners will tend to run seven days out of the week, but even as a marathon runner, you definitely do not have to do that to be a serious and great runner.  So, as a marathon runner, how many times a week should I run?  Generally, for marathon runners and even cross trainers, it’s significant to start out by running at least seventy miles each week.  I would personally recommend going up to one hundred miles every other week.  Say, for instance, the first two weeks of a new month, you run the typical seventy miles and then for the last two weeks of the month, I would amp it up to running one hundred miles for the last two weeks out of that month.  As much as that does sound, you must understand that marathon runners are very familiar with pushing the limits of their bodies when it comes to running.  Like I’ve mentioned prior, there really isn’t a true answer as to how many times a person should run each week because each person has trained differently in the past, some people may have specific types of illnesses and so on.

For the general, normal everyday marathon runner, I would highly recommend starting out with a solid running routine of seventy miles each week and if you can get that in within a couple of days; great!  Some marathon runners may be running seven days out of the week to obtain that seventy-mile mark, but as long as you are getting at least seventy miles in each week, then you will be doing great!  Why is seventy miles so important each week for marathon runners?  Why can’t a marathon runner run sixty-five or seventy-two miles each week?  Why is it only stated at seventy miles weekly?  Seventy miles a week has been noted from running experts that this mileage is best when it comes to the more serious, marathon runners.  This is because as much as seventy miles a week is, the mileage is still within the safe zone of not overpowering your body, yet still obtaining the maximum strength of awareness, muscles, and body!  Yes, a person could run seventy-two miles and it wouldn’t hurt them one bit, but it’s just easier to state a solid number, such as seventy to follow.

Always remember that you must level your days out.  If you have a large family that needs tending to, it would probably be in your best interest to not run seven days out of the week if you’re a marathon runner.  What I would personally do is intensify how long you run on the days that you are out running in order to get your seventy miles in.  There isn’t a specific number of certainty that a marathon runner or beginner should run, but keep in mind that if you’re a marathon runner and you start out with seventy miles each week, you are on a flawless start to optimal strength.  The key component is to run on your schedule; your personal life schedule, your personal health schedule.  Remember to listen to your body and you’ll absolutely know if you’ve had too much.

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