Running first thing in the morning

Obtaining an amazing breakfast in the mornings isn’t the only component a person can do to get the day started off well.  Did you know that running first thing in the morning has quite the astonishing benefits to how a person’s day will go, mentally and physically?  Rising early, as boring as it may seem for a lot of people have some incredible components to mental and physical health.

How can one stay motivated enough to even get out of bed, fix a healthy breakfast and then take out the door and begin an astounding run?  Today, we are going to be going over some techniques when it comes to the method of morning running, how to obtain the motivation and the specific benefits included.

What Method Should You Use if you’re planning on Running First Thing in the Morning?


The methods to having a great run first thing in the morning can for many exercise enthusiasts feel as though doing so is the challenge of their lifetimes.  As a runner, you need to first understand that there will need to be a specific type of method in which you will need to follow.  A person shouldn’t just get up, put on running gear and out the door they go.  That’s not how it works in regards to success and obtaining a happy/healthy day.  Did you know that your body is quite different in the early morning versus any other time throughout the day?  That’s why a specific method of starting out a great run will consist of certain methods and steps.  But, where does a person begin?  Below in listing format, I am going to provide out to you a list of specific techniques you should follow when it comes to an amazing run first thing in the morning!

What to Do the Night Before

Make sure the night before you take your run that you have a hearty dinner.  What this will do is better prepare your body for the run.  Think of it like stored up energy waiting to be tapped into.

What to Do the Actual Morning of the Run

Depending on each person, there can be quite a lot of different techniques a person can do when it comes to the method of preparing the morning of your run.  What I would personally recommend you to do is to give yourself adequate time to wake up.  It wouldn’t even hurt to make yourself a small cup of coffee, or even a small healthy snack just to kickstart the run off with.

Preparing Your Body Before You Take Off

A lot of people do not realize that in the mornings, our bodies are much tighter and require more stretching and warm up routines to get your run off on the right foot.  What I would personally recommend you to do is exercise with a couple of repetitions of squats, jumping jack, and some basic stretching.  Please remember to not tire yourself out completely.  You are only getting limbered/warmed up for your morning run.

How to Stay Motivated When Running First Thing in the Morning


There are many ways a person can stay motived to keep up running each morning but to each their own, correct?  It appears everyone has specific techniques in which they implement to keep up their everyday running routine.  Below in listing format, I am going to provide out some basic and solid techniques in which you can use that will assist in staying motived when it comes to running first thing in the morning!

Have Friends When You’re Running First Thing in the Morning

What I mean with having friends are to make sure you have people around you that are runners as well.  It would be a lot better if you could find people/friends that you can run with every day.  This type of motivation will help you each day because you will have supporters to encourage you throughout each day and each run!

Get into Bed Early

Make sure you get into your bed early so that your energy can be properly stored for the next morning.  It’s a known fact that if an adult doesn’t get at least eight hours of uninterrupted/healthy sleep, their whole day is heavily affected in quite a negative way.  If you do not get enough sleep, your body will feel so drained and fatigued; including not being able to think with an adequate mind.  Can you imagine trying to deal with that type of feeling while taking a morning run?  Not fun!

What Are Some of The Benefits of Running in the Morning?


That’s a great question, which also comes along with many wonderful benefits.  There are some people who will note that running, in general, is bad for our knees, joints and so on.  Now, what those people do not realize is that if you’re not properly equipped with the appropriate gear; then yes, constant running on non-supportive shoes can break a person’s joints down.  On the flipside, there are quite a lot of benefits that come with running first thing in the morning and below in listing format, I am going to over some of those amazing benefits!

Getting Out of That Morning Slump

This is absolutely one definite way to wake yourself up each morning.  A run loosens up the muscles and joints, which will release the positive endorphins to bring along that feel great emotion.  It will seem quite difficult for the first few times, making yourself get out of bed and run; that’s just the truth.  Keep in mind that the crisp morning air, your constant movement, and change of scenery will help to preserve the mind and body each day.

Eating More Efficiently

After you take your morning run, unbelievably, but one of the first things that you will want to do is eat after the run.  Eating in general sounds quite normal, but your body will begin to crave and feel an essential need for healthy foods and drinks.  Why is this?  When our bodies are in healthy exercise/movement, our digestive system will tend to alter and want to reflect as to how great and strong our muscles are developing.  It’s all a trickle-down effect.  When you start to get healthier and stronger from the inside out, your body will want to replenish itself with more of a healthier diet.

There Is Always a Win

When you can jump out of bed and take your morning run, you will tend to find out that the mornings are the best to run because the early morning is a quiet time in mind and personal schedule.  Remember, when you first wake up, you don’t have chores which need to be completed, laundry that needs folding, children getting off the bus demanding dinner and so on.  As difficult as it may seem to even comprehend, taking early morning runs are so much better on the mind and body because when you first get up, your free; free to eat in peace, free to do or say whatever you feel, and more so than anything, you are free to take that healthy run!  Your day will function a lot smoother, happier, and you will want to continue your daily routine without common irritations.

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