Running is a sport which brings amazing releases of endorphins from one’s brain, profound physical strength throughout both mind and body.  It’s such an astounding element when the mind and body can work together, bringing up a more joyful and healthier you!  Please remember that exercise isn’t only strengthening the outside body, but it’s a great combination of obtaining and training a healthy mind.  When the two can combine on a positive level, it is then a person has achieved true exercise of the wholesome body.  Today, we are going to be discussing some remarkable tips when it comes to running for beginners.

Learning How to Spend Your Money on Decent Gear

Exercising isn’t only about keeping your strength up throughout the mind and body, but one must take into consideration that proper running gear is essential, especially running for beginners.  In order for your run to go as smoothly and comfortable as all possible, you will want to invest in some great running shoes and clothes.  Here is what I would personally recommend you doing.  You will need to go out and purchase stretchy, seamless clothes.  Why would a person need to only purchase seamless clothing?  Well, seamless clothing will be able to prevent you from irritation and chaffing while you are running.  How many of us can remember engaging in a particular activity, whether it be running or another type of sport and not having the suitable gear?  It makes for such an uncomfortable day and you will not get the full, authentic experience out of what you’re doing.

A lot of people think that as long as they are “running” that they are in the right for adequate health; spiritual and body.  That isn’t true at all.  If a person is going to invest in anything, it better be great shoes and a bed.  I know a bed doesn’t have any relevant components when it comes to beginning runner tips, but the fact of the matter is true.  If a person is going to be spending any decent amount of money on anything within life, it better be a good bed and a great pair of shoes because those two elements are a person’s support system.  When you are running, you need adequate support as you push down into the surface in which you are running upon.  If you want to go beyond and think outside the box, a bed could very well be an amazing factor for running; whether it be beginning or advanced.  Think of it like this.  When you take your shoes off from a lovely afternoon of running, what you lie down on needs to have adequate support as well.  So, yes!  A great support bed should also be a wonderful side note to take into consideration; whether you’re a runner or not.  Please remember the following two most important key factors in regards of running for beginners.  You will need to start out with proper seamless clothes and amazing support sneakers.  Follow these sites to get an idea on what you will need to purchase. and

Remember to Always Shadow The 10% Rule    

Most new beginner runners will have no idea what the 10% rule is and that’s absolutely okay!  Hey, you’re a beginner for a reason, correct?  Now, the 10% rule is a runner’s rule, meaning that as a new runner, you should only increase your running volume by 10% each week; remember, this is running for beginners.  Still confused?  It’s absolutely okay!  I was never that decent in Math either!  So, to help you better understand what I’m talking about.  Let’s say you run a total of thirty miles on week number one.  For week number two, you will increase your mileage, you will run only thirty-three miles for week number two; only a 10% increase each week.  Why would this be so important in regards of running for beginners?  Well, let me start by asking you this simple question.  When you bake a pie, do you place your heat levels on the utter, highest setting?  No!

Why wouldn’t you do this?  Well, the pie will overcook and mess up the whole structure of its make.  It’s the very same concept when you first start out running.  You shouldn’t push yourself to the extremities because as fast as you want great results; I know, I’m guilty of it too.  As fast as you want to become stronger, you must take incline at a slower level because your body isn’t very familiar with routine exercise.  Please take into consideration that running for beginners isn’t all fun and games, especially if you go ahead and push yourself too hard thinking you are gaining extra strength.  You could very well develop a condition called, Rhabdomyolysis.  This type of condition will happen when you push your body to perform exercises in which you’re not physically capable of doing.  Rhabdomyolysis will cause your muscles to break down and release the contents in which have already been stored inside the cells of your muscles.  Always remember to take your running routines quite slow when first starting out because if you don’t, you’re only losing out more in the long run.

Always Stay Properly Hydrated

I absolutely cannot stress this enough!  You must always stay properly hydrated when you’re running; beginner, intermediate, or advanced.  If you do not stay properly hydrated throughout your day and your run, this type of behavioral pattern will cause you to wear out much quicker because your body is dry from the inside out.  It’s a simple concept in regards of running for beginners.  If you have no fuel, how are you supposed to accurately function?  Take this small example into consideration.  We all know when we run or perform any type of strenuous exercises, our bodies will sweat.  Okay, so when a person begins to sweat, the more a person’s blood volume will tend to decrease.  Now, keep in mind that when your blood volume begins to decline, the harder a person’s heart will have to work to transport oxygen to all the working/functioning muscles inside the body.

Now, think about your body working this way on little to no water.  A person cannot get through their exercise routine without feeling fatigued and really, as if they are going to pass out.  It can cause your heart to overwork, which in older individuals may lead to a stroke or heart attack.  Most of us take for granted, our bodies and they shouldn’t be because our bodies are our vessel.  They work for us and if we do not grant them the proper upkeep, what do you think is going to happen?  A decent supply of water while engaging in long distance running will definitely help you to keep a sound mind, body, and great endurance levels.  Treat your body well while running and you will soon find out that you’ll be able to handle and even push for more in the future!  When we execute things within the appropriate way, respectable things will come back to us.  Stay hydrated and your body will thank-you for it!

Understanding to Consume Rapid Carbs Every Hour  

This is another component in which most people are either unaware of, or simply just don’t care.  The truth is the truth, right?  It’s extremely vital while you’re engaging with long distance running to always remember to consume some quick carbs every hour that you’re out on the tracks running.  Why would this be so important in regards of having a great run?  Well, when we consume quick carbs every hour, this will help to maintain our energy levels throughout the long distance running experience.  Keep in mind that carbs are stored inside your muscles as glycogen and a person taps into glycogen during a workout.  That’s why it’s so vital and I absolutely cannot stress that enough; it’s so imperative to always consume your quick carbs throughout your running escapade.

Now, there are specific carbs in which you will need to stay away from and know the difference of.  For example, a carb like the carbs inside of packaged foods and sweets will essentially strip away all the nutrients from that specific food.  How will that affect a runner?  Well, when your body attempts to tap into your energy levels and there isn’t any stored, your body will become quite fatigued and you will drain down a lot quicker.  In order to appropriately store and obtain the right carbs during your workout, you will need to eat the following foods.

  • Whole Fruits
  • Vegetables (Organic or Non-Organic)
  • Dairy
  • Whole Grains
  • Potatoes
  • Legumes

Finding the Right Place to Run

Location needs to be another remarkable key factor when going on a long distance running escapade.  I would personally recommend finding a rather level, not too rugged surface to run upon.  A perfect example would be taking your run in a local park because most parks will have a concrete sidewalk and you can just lap around the concrete trail for however long you want to get your run in.  When engaging in a long distance running experience, especially for beginner runners; I cannot stress this enough.  When you are a beginner runner, you need to inch your way into the challenges of strength, as well the training in which comes along with it all.  As a beginner, you will not want to go out and run within rugged mountains, climbing hills where there are rocks to trip and make you stumble.  You must remember that you are a beginner and you need to keep your practices inside a beginner’s level.  Running on a rather flat, softer surface will ensure your safety as a runner and it will help you to keep your mind focused upon the run in general.  Let’s say you wanted to go take a long distance run out in the “rugged” nature and you up and went, not paying attention to the fact that you’re not skilled enough to take on such land.  You will more than likely be more concentrated on not falling, jumping around boulders and smaller rocks.  Well, how would that impact a person’s run?  When you are distracted, especially as a beginner, you are stopping and starting, trying to avoid all of the rugged topography.  When you are a beginner runner, you need to locate the simplest surfaces/places to take your run because your main focus should be the stamina of your run, how well you can hold up, how long it takes you to run a mile and so on.  You really need to focus on how to structure your run, as well clearing your mind and body when you’re a beginner runner.  Please take into consideration that it’s important to not make things harder on yourself than needed because something as not being able to find the right location and running upon terrain that isn’t at your skill level can definitely kill your motivation to run in general.

A lot of people do not take components like this into deep consideration.  Most people, especially beginner runners will tend to think that if they can just get out and run anywhere, even if it’s just around the house for an hour is great exercise.  It very well could be, but a lot of exercise also comes from the mind at large.  As a beginner runner, you need to view running and your whole exercise routine as a very intimate and spiritual practice.  What do people do when they attend church?  They dress a certain way, speak a certain way and so on.  As a beginner runner, you should implement the same type of practices.  You need to find a very easy location to make your run go smoother because when one element is in great alignment, the other key factors in which you need to take into consideration will automatically open and trickle down.

When you are in great running clothes and shoes, you feel like engaging more.  When you can run upon easier terrain, your mind will be opened for higher levels of determination.  You see how this all connects?  Exercise is a series of appropriate gear, special locations, and a clear/healthy mindset.  When you add all those factors together, you will then see that you can be stronger than ever before.  Find your “spot” and “run” toward a golden future!  It all begins with the foundation and once it’s arranged, you will then be able to build upon more extensive routines.  You will be able to find out that when your foundation is properly arranged, your body will be able to handle more widespread workouts for future days.  It all begins within the simplicity of groundwork!  In regards of locating the best trails to run upon, click on the following link,

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