The best running technique

If you’re into any type of exercise, whether it be running, specific types of cardio or even love taking Zumba classes, you will probably want to improve your techniques.  When it comes to runners and serious runners at that, nine times out of ten, they will want to find specific techniques to help them grow stronger, run longer and so on.  What are some of the best running techniques in regards to maximum performance?  That absolutely seems like a question that could never be adequately answered because every runner is searching for something different and each runner isn’t made with the same type of runner’s DNA.  So, that leaves us with the million-dollar question.  What is the best running technique?

How to Develop the Best Running Technique

There will be different techniques for different runners because as I’ve mentioned prior, every runner’s situation is quite different.  How can a runner improve their technique in regards to obtaining a maximum running performance?  There are many answers to this question, so it would be best to break each description into a specific category for better understanding.

Learning How to Eat Properly

We all need to understand that feeding our bodies within the right format will open the door to maintaining strength while you take you run.  When you alter the way you eat and what you eat, you will discover that your body will begin to take on more physical endurance.  This is because you have fueled and stored the core of what makes you function within the proper elements.  I would recommend you eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, non-packaged foods, fish, nuts, and the occasional red meat.

Getting Your Body Prepared for Your Run

What a lot of runners, especially beginner runners fail to understand is that when you are engaging inside of a running routine, it’s very significant to get your body properly equipped for the run itself.  What does this mean?  Well, it’s vital that you perform stretches, simple meditation techniques such as deep breathing before you take out the door for your run.  These types of techniques will ensure a smoother, happier, and overall healthier run for you because your mind and body will be relaxed, ready to take on the strength of your run!  Since you will be using the hip area a lot during a run, what I would personally recommend you do is a simple hip exercise before your run.  Well, what would be one of the best running techniques?  This will include you to substitute between lifting your tailbone and chest within the left alignment.  You will then need to implement rounding your back and slowly reducing your pelvis within the right alignment.  Think of it kind of like a curtsy.

Be Sure to Keep with the Timing

A lot of runners will absolutely make the mistake of thinking that the faster you run, the better off your power and stamina will get over time, which is incorrect.  Some runners tend to believe that the quicker you run, this type of practice will implement an increase in your stride length.  In return, you know what occurs?  A decrease in your stride length because you are pushing yourself too hard and rapidly, which does make perfect sense.  You must remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but when constructed over time, the city turned out to be breathtakingly gorgeous!  Keep in mind that the easiest way to count proper stride regularities is to count your steps for a straight fifteen seconds and then multiply that by four.  It’s vital to keep in persistent even strides so your run can be as healthy and strong as possible.

What would be the best running technique for a stride frequency?  For example, if you happen to count thirty-five steps inside a fifteen-second timing, you would be taking one hundred and forty foot-strikes per minute.  Another component to take into consideration is while you’re running, listen to your feet as they hit down on the ground because the more times your feet spend hitting the ground, the more vigor it will take for you to push forward.  This will mean that you are obtaining an authoritative and durable run!

Knowing How to Run

Another great key component to taking into consideration when trying to have a vigorous run is to make sure you know how to place your feet down and hold your posture when running.  A lot of people think that running is just up, out the door and run.  You will need to know how to position your body for a proper run, okay?  Now, what I would personally recommend you to do is make sure that your foot, when running will make interaction with the ground straight underneath your body more so than pushing your foot far out in front of the body.  It sounds like such a small technique, but this can absolutely make a difference in preserving your joints while you run.

Think of it within this type of format.  If you are constantly expanding your knees/legs out while hitting down upon hard pavement, how do you think that will affect your knees over time?  You’re pushing your legs out and then placing pressure upon them as you run.  It will be so much healthier for you to try and run with your legs right under your hips and not extend your legs/knees out so much to keep your joints from having so much compression upon them.  That’s why a lot of people think that running is bad for your knees, when all along, they just are unaware of how to properly run!

Try to Keep Your Body Relaxed

This is very significant when it comes to obtaining a great run and not only that, but you will need to keep your arms loose and relaxed.  It’s very important to remember that all the functions and parts of your body will need to work together when it comes to running and if one portion of your body is tense or off centered, you will not receive the full benefit of growing within strength and energy from your run.

Okay, then what would be one of the best running techniques to keep my body relaxed during my run?  Please, make sure that you keep your elbows at an angle of ninety degrees and you will need to make sure that you do not release that type of approach to a back swing.  Well, why is that?  If you release your elbows within the back-swing gesture, keep in mind that this type of pattern will waste your physical energy and that’s the last component you want to transpire when trying to obtain a healthy and strong run.

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